About Variety

Variety- The Children’s Charity of Georgia, a 501(c )(3), has created the Stars of Tomorrow event to help children between the ages of 13-19 gain experience, exposure, and the opportunity to pursue a singing career. Additionally, all funds raised from the event will support Variety of Georgia.  The fundraising goal for the event is $100,000 to support the mission of Variety.

Variety-The Children’s Charity of Georgia, Tent 21, was established in Atlanta in 1939 and our mission is to enrich, improve, and fulfill the lives of children living with disabilities and disadvantages. Variety of Georgia has positively impact thousands of children over the past 70 years, and we are enhancing more direct programs to ensure we directly impact over 4,000 children a year. Our vision is that we hope that all children, regardless of ability or circumstance are able to actively participate in their community and experience all the joys that come with being a child. Every child deserves the opportunity to live, laugh, and learn. Our focus is to provide health, wellness, and educational programs to underserved children who are disadvantaged or have special needs.

The Variety Freedom Program provides access to mobility equipment and services, to be free to experience and explore life.

The Variety Caring For Kids Program provides access to uncovered medical services and devices.

The Variety Future Kids Program provides access to educational tools for children with disabilities or disadvantages.